The appetite for disruption is growing

The results are in!  Download our latest and most in-demand annual report, Trends in Specialty Benefit Design.

Over 30% of plan sponsors are exploring alternate models driven mostly by high-cost specialty medications and the need to reduce inappropriate utilization. Right now, 8% have made the leap, but that percentage doesn’t tell the full story. Get the full scoop in this brand-new report.

Designing drug benefits that provide affordable access to needed specialty drugs while maintaining an affordable benefit is more complex than ever. Employers offer drug benefits to: 

Recruit and retain key talent

Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity

Invest in employee wellbeing

Here are some rapid-fire highlights from the Trends in Specialty Benefit Design Report

8% of plans are currently using alternative funding models, while 31% are exploring the use

50% of employers are aware of new to market formulary blocks

20% of plans can track patient treatment delays due to new to market formulary blocks

Awareness of biomarker testing is low, and only 20% have engaged with their health plan to learn more about coverage options for testing

17% of plans feel prepared to make coverage decisions on new disease-modifying Alzheimer’s drugs

92% of plans receive rebates under the pharmacy benefit

Unpack everything you need to know about the trends in specialty benefit design in this report.

The survey sample included 171 benefits leaders representing plan sponsors of an estimated 41.4 million covered lives. Respondents included employers, unions/Taft-Hartley plans, and health plans that offer specialty drug coverage through the pharmacy and medical benefits. Covered members for these respondents include active and retired employees and their dependents.