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2021 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Customer Satisfaction Report

The latest PBM customer satisfaction research is now available for download.  This expanded report offers PBM-specific insights and an even more comprehensive deep-dive analysis than the previous report. 

Selecting a PBM is a high-pressure decision. Payers and plan sponsors are often locked into multi-year contracts, and the cost of choosing incorrectly can be high. It can cost the sponsor and member money, frustration, and maybe even impact health outcomes for members.

Unpack the proprietary results of the 2021 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Customer Satisfaction Report.  

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Discover which PBM attributes are most important to employers and health plans

Explore how to ask the right questions to develop a satisfying PBM relationship

Proactively approach member experience and prepare for success with data-driven insights

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Customer Satisfaction Report

This annual report summarizes overall satisfaction with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and satisfaction with over 40 PBM functions and services beyond overall satisfaction, making it the most comprehensive research of its type on the PBM space. This report is widely recognized for the comparative information it provides to benefit executives responsible for researching, selecting, and managing PBMs. Release date November 10, 2021.