State of Specialty

Spend and Trend Report

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The latest insights on specialty drug spend and trend across pharmacy and medical benefits

Powered by the industry’s leading integrated dataset, the Artemetrx® Specialty Spend and Trend Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the specialty drug market. Download the report to get the latest insights.

Explore a few of the hottest takes from the report

Increased Specialty Utilization is Driving Trend

After a reduced trend of 11.8% from 2019-2020, specialty trend from 2020-2021 rebounded to 14.2%

Increasing Number of Specialty Utilizers

The percentage of the population utilizing at least one specialty medication jumped to 5.5% after two years at 4.8%

Trend Forecast: Looking Ahead

Specialty drug plan cost continues to grow rapidly, reaching $1,295 per member per year (PMPY)

Biosimilars Reducing Overall Costs

Biosimilars and specialty generics are showing promising results in reducing specialty drug spend, with more on the way

2022 State of Specialty Spend and Trend Report

The sixth annual State of Specialty Spend and Trend Report analyzes specialty drug utilization and spending across 73.9 million medical claims and 55.1 million pharmacy claims. Our Artemetrx® platform integrates pharmacy and medical claims data to the individual patient level, enabling us to present a complete and unique view of specialty costs across all benefits.