As an impartial expert serving hospitals and health systems across the country, we help you optimize employee benefits, reduce pharmacy costs, enhance clinical oversight and compliantly improve health outcomes.


Hospitals are consistently looking for ways to reduce costs while improving patient care and health outcomes. Healthcare reform has presented a whole new set of demands, and the landscape continues to change rapidly. The challenges facing hospitals are certainly daunting, and they vary depending on the type of institution. Non-profits are focused on improving market position, safety-net hospitals are concerned with remaining solvent, and academic medical centers are working to train the next-generation of physicians – all while striving to improve quality of care with reduced reimbursements.


In every area of pharmacy management, PSG works to craft a solution that is as unique as each of our health system clients are to us. As a trusted market leader, PSG uses data-driven insights, clinical expertise and industry experience to address evolving market conditions and deploy solutions to optimize your pharmacy programs. By reducing the administrative and compliance challenges facing your organization, we help you improve the quality of care for patients.

PSG is a trusted advisor to hospitals and health systems across the country. PSG works on their behalf to help them protect their interests, reduce pharmacy costs, and improve health outcomes.


As a trusted strategic partner, we serve as an impartial advocate to help you maximize your investment in pharmaceuticals through lower drug costs and improved health outcomes for your members.
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Blending pharmaceutical and medical platform analytics with experienced industry talent gives you the tools and know-how to effectively manage drug costs.
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