PSG works to help employers enhance their employee benefits, reduce drug program costs, improve pharmacy benefit transparency, and enhance health outcomes.

Your Challenges

With escalating costs, ever-changing regulations, and limited resources, it’s essential for organizations to partner with a pharmacy benefit consulting company to help gain the necessary value from their PBM relationships to maximize their benefit coverage.

Our Solutions

PSG assigns an internal “Practice Leader” with special expertise in the employer market segment to help develop a pharmacy benefit program that is cost effective and provides the highest value to your employees. Our systematic approach allows us to gain immediate cost control, improve overall health outcomes, and evaluate optimal PBM relationship structures to achieve your desired results.

With drug prices rising at a faster rate that any other health care expense, now is the time to engage PSG's pharmacy benefit experts.


As a trusted strategic partner, we serve as an impartial advocate to help you maximize your investment in pharmaceuticals through lower drug costs and improved health outcomes for your members.
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Blending pharmaceutical and medical platform analytics with experienced industry talent gives you the tools and know-how to effectively manage drug costs.
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