Pharmacy Benefit Reporting



Artemetrx Pharmacy Monitor™

For over 20 years, PSG’s consulting clients have relied upon our market-leading insights to provide data and analytics for transparent monitoring of pharmacy benefit performance. That intelligence is now available in a web-based solution, Artemetrx Pharmacy Monitor.

Universal benefits

  • Transparency to top drivers of spending within the pharmacy benefit
  • Identification of outliers for corrective actions, driving financial savings
  • Ability to identify patient-specific savings opportunities
  • Ability to monitor impact of interventions, identify new savings, and assess program performance

Unique benefits for PBMs and Payers

  • Enhance client service with reporting tool powered by industry-leading expertise
  • Standardize key reports to increase staff productivity

"Amid multiple recommendations from several of our vendors, the only ones that we were able to associate with cost savings were those from Artemetrx."

- Large Employer Group Client