PSG 340B Link is a comprehensive 340B solution with a proven record of delivering best-in-class support through reporting and expertise to assist our clients in optimizing both savings and compliance. Our 340B Link suite of offerings include contract pharmacy administration, split-billing software and patient card programs that offer exceptional compliance and program optimization.

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Split Billing Software

Built on PSG’s market-leading qualification engine, Order Link is an easy to use web-based ordering and inventory management tool that drives productivity and optimizes 340B program value. The tool can support both mixed use and retail pharmacy environments.

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Contract Pharmacy Administration

Network Link optimizes your contract pharmacy network, while simplifying program management to drive program value effectively and efficiently.

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Specialty Contract Pharmacy Administration

Specialty Link optimizes your specialty contract pharmacy network to simplify program management across your system and gain additional access to specialty drugs.

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Patient Care Card Program

Community Link gives covered entities the ability to offer 340B discounted pharmacy pricing at point-of-sale, allowing their patients to access the medications they need conveniently, in their neighborhood.

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