Transforming the way the industry approaches rebate oversight

Health plans need continuous insights about rebate guarantees to protect financial interests. The latest innovation in rebate monitoring has arrived. Artemetrx Rebate Monitor is here and ready to revolutionize the way plans approach rebates.

Protect  |  Improve  |  Increase

Three reasons timely rebate monitoring matters

Protect Your Financial Interests

Improve Client Satisfaction

Increase Pharmacy Market Share

Addressing discrepancies early maximizes quarterly rebate cash flow while reducing the risk of inaccurately paying rebates to direct clients for ineligible claims.

Avoid unnecessary client frustrations associated with rebate eligibility confusion with improved accuracy of rebate payments and projections.

Put your best bid forward on new business opportunities and renewals with increased insights to support competitive financial bids.

Key Features

24/7 access

Projection of expected rebates

24/7 access to your data via the Artemetrx web-based software

Monthly claims ingestion and projection of expected rebates

How can Artemetrx RebateMonitor move the needlefor your business?

Detailed variance reporting

PBM actual data

Detailed variance reporting between projected and actual rebates paid

Quarterly ingestion of PBM actual data and ongoing updates

Quickly identify underperforming rebates



Dashboards and reporting that quickly identify underperforming rebates by channel or formulary

Independent interpretation and calculation of expected rebates by channel

Protect your financial interests with improved rebate oversight

Discover how Artemetrx Rebate Monitor accelerates the identification of variances between the expected and received rebates from your PBM.

You will see continuous insights on rebate guarantees and guaranteed savings. It’s risk-free to deploy. Schedule a demo today and see how Artemetrx Rebate Monitor can empower you to do more faster.

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