Libby Johnson

Senior Vice President - Analytics, Speciality

Libby Johnson currently leads the analytics, reporting, and data management team. She has more than 15 years’ experience providing cost and trend management strategies to clients through unique data intelligence and analytics. Her expertise includes developing strategic cost solutions, creating advanced and specialized data and financial analysis plans, analyzing forecast and trend developments, and evaluating pricing and cost strategies and tactics. One of Libby’s key strengths is assisting clients in designing and deploying strategies to improve overall trend management program performance. She honed these skills at PSG serving as a Pharmacy Consultant before moving into her current role. As a consultant, Libby successfully developed custom client deliverables and assisted clients in effectively managing their benefit programs. She also was a Pricing and Audit Analyst for PSG and worked as an Underwriter for Express Scripts, Inc. Libby earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics, with a minor in business management, from the College of Saint Benedict.