Why PSG?

Well for starters, we’re leading the way in pharmacy intelligence – and we’re growing as a result. That means opportunity for you, and talented new contributors for us. Our many outstanding benefits and perks include:

  • Work-life balance
  • Company-funded HSA
  • Flexible work environment
  • Company-matched 401K contributions
  • Staff activities, meals, and social opportunities
  • A corporate mission, vision and values you can believe in



"PSG gives me the tools and authority to do meaningful work and contribute to a mission that I am passionate about."

- Sharon F.


Our staff members work together to help address some of the most challenging aspects of drug cost management. Ours is a unique environment where creativity and passion come together.

“I love working for PSG because I always have a voice. PSG employees are empowered to provide their opinion on new and innovative ways to solve for our customers’ requests. Our team is always collaborating to create new solutions and I love being a part of those brainstorming efforts. Every day is a different day and it makes working for PSG challenging and fulfilling”
– Lisa B.

"PSG is a company that embraces diversity and values the ideas and experience its employees bring to the table. After working for large corporations, it is truly a breath of fresh air to work for an organization that puts their employees first."

- Wendi C.

PSG Cares

In 2017 alone, PSG and its people made generous contributions to several worthy causes.

Hurricane Harvey Relief – $20,000 raised

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Drive – $690 raised

Salvation Army’s Angel Tree – 75 recipients

“I am very proud to work for this growing company full of inspiring PBM industry experts. Not only do I get to do the work I love, but I get to do it for a company that clearly cares for its employees. That caring also goes beyond the PSG family and into the community as well.”
– Gwendolyn V.

We not only support volunteer efforts like these, we also give our staff members up to three paid days each year to volunteer for the charity of their choice.

‘PSG has been a great place to work because we are innovative and allow for employees to think out of the box.’

- Libby J.


Our people not only work hard to support our clients and address their challenges, we root for each other and our favorite teams. Since ours is truly a team-driven atmosphere, this only makes sense.

"Ours is truly the best talent in the industry. We dedicate ourselves each day to delivering measurable results for our clients, and we are committed to changing drug cost management for the better. Join us in making that happen."

- Dave Borden, CEO


Based in Plano’s beautiful Campus at Legacy, PSG is situated in one of the fastest-growing areas of Texas. Our headquarters is located just minutes from the fabulous Legacy Town Center area, as well as the new Toyota and Liberty Mutual corporate campuses. Our move to this space allows us to continue our rapid and impactful growth as a company.