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Artemetrx is PSG’s robust data and analytics platform that drives measurable financial results through a sophisticated, integrated pharmacy and medical claims dataset. Our web-based solutions provide dashboards, reports and tools delivering transparency and actionable interventions to improve program performance.

Artemetrx transforms data into intelligence and drives improved visibility and management of drug spend and trend across both the pharmacy and medical benefits. Built on more than 20 years of drug management expertise, this SaaS platform provides users with reports, dashboards and tools that take the guesswork out of uncovering drug therapy misuse and overspending.

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Request a free custom analysis of your medical and pharmacy drug benefit spend for new insights and immediate savings opportunities.
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From our warehouse of over 400 million claims, we can conduct diagnostics and custom analysis of drug spending for even the most sophisticated client. This intelligence we gain from our client engagements is incorporated throughout the Artemetrx platform to drive both spending transparency as well as identification of savings opportunities for plan sponsors.



Artemetrx Specialty Drug Management is an all-inclusive, flexible suite of tools and solutions. Our custom recommendations and solutions are grounded in data and deliver total visibility and oversight of specialty drugs costs under the medical benefit.

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Our team of consultants can further augment the value of the Artemetrx platform by assisting plan sponsors in identifying savings opportunities and implementing best-in-class approaches that reduce unnecessary or inefficient specialty drug spending. For over 20 years our consulting practice has unlocked exceptional economic value for our clients through our proprietary technology, data-enabled services, and the industry’s most trusted advisors. Our team of specialty consultants are leading the industry as advocates on behalf of plan sponsors to optimize specialty utilization while balancing member satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

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