340B Consulting

PSG’s 340B consulting provides regulatory compliance consulting to covered entities participating in the 340B program. The team consists of credible, experienced consultants committed to maximizing your program’s savings and simplifying the complexities of the 340B program.

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Program Optimization

Program Optimization provides hospitals and health systems with a deeper look into the potential optimization of their in-house and contract pharmacies. PSG looks at potential risk within the pharmacy program and works as an educator to the hospital and pharmacy to ensure pharmacies are operating at peak performance.

Complete Audit Support

Complete Audit Support provides an unfiltered view into your 340B program to recognize insight into potential HRSA audit findings, areas of improvement, and corrective action plans. PSG’s extensive regulatory knowledge and audit experience offer clients unmatched 340B expertise and insights.

Strategic 340B Consulting

PSG knows your program is unique. Special circumstances sometimes require creative problem-solving. Projects like adding new pharmacies, incorporating a recently acquired site into an existing program, and financial analysis to determine which pharmacies are best suited for program success all require expertise in regulatory compliance and best practices. PSG will be your intelligent partner with an established record of expertise in consulting and technology to guide you toward the right decisions for your 340B program’s success.