The continued savings and improved performance that PSG realizes for our clients is made possible by these distinguishing factors that set PSG apart from our competitors:

Proven Results — PSG routinely secures billions of dollars in savings for our clients each year while increasing operational efficiencies, and overall health outcomes.
Objectivity through Independence — PSG is an independent pharmacy programs consulting firm contracting directly with our clients, exclusively for their benefit. Our only source of revenue is the fees our clients pay us for the services we provide. Our independence provides us with the highest degree of objectivity in evaluating pharmacy programs and proposals.
Market Knowledge — PSG has completed more than 1,500 PBM procurement engagements, renewal and contract negotiations on the behalf of our clients. We work with all of the major PBMs, as well as the majority of PBMs in the small and middle markets. We review and manage a vast number of pharmacy claims – more than 2 million each month. All this adds up to unparalleled insight and leverage in the marketplace for our clients.
Superior Technology — PSG has invested significant resources into developing the industry’s most robust data integration and warehousing capability, auditing, comparative data/financial analysis and reporting platform.
Singular Focus — With an exclusive focus on pharmacy, clients receive custom detailed attention to address their needs rather than a template approach offered by many firms trying to cover multiple areas.