State of Specialty Spend and Trend Report

Turning insights into action

The complete view of integrated specialty costs across the medical and pharmacy benefit

The headline this year is not about the increase in specialty spend. (Spoiler alert: another double-digit increase at 11.8 percent in per member per year cost). The more burning question remains: what is driving increased spend? The short answer is claim utilization.

Unpack everything you need to know about the state of specialty in this in-depth report.

The fifth annual State of Specialty Spend and Trend Report analyzes specialty drug utilization and spending across 62.1 million medical claims and 50.4 million pharmacy claims. Our Artemetrx® platform integrates pharmacy and medical claims data to the individual patient level, enabling us to present a complete and unique view of specialty costs across all benefits.

Here's a quick look at what you'll learn in our 2021 report

Spend and Trend

Take away many actionable items to help optimize your specialty spend as specialty costs continue to trend upward

Channel Management

Navigate the nuances of trends by channel and unpack how shifting channel can lead to significant savings


See how biosimilars are putting pressure on brand innovators and what that could mean for your plan