PSG believes that the first step to successfully managing a pharmacy benefit program is measurement and analysis. RxDiagnostic is our proprietary evaluation process that identifies and analyzes the fundamental drivers of pharmacy program performance. Our proprietary pharmacy program solution, RxDiagnostic, assists you in improving efficiencies, eliminating waste, improving compliance, and increasing usage of low-cost alternatives. Clients who have deployed our RxDiagnostic methodology achieve typical savings of 5-15 percent of total pharmacy program costs.

PSG’s clinical pharmacists are experts in designing and implementing programs to optimize the utilization of pharmaceuticals. We work with you to develop a strategic action plan for your pharmacy benefit programs that puts you in control of pharmacy spend and maximizes your pharmacy investment to improve overall health and productivity outcomes.

Let Us Diagnose Your Pharmacy Benefit Program

Our RxDiagnostic process focuses on the effectiveness of the program and identifies opportunities to improve the contractual, financial, clinical, and operational components of your current program’s performance. The timeline is customized to meet the size and scope requirements for your unique environment and goals.

The Result

RxDiagnostic identifies ways to drive utilization toward more cost-effective medications through better product selection (generics, OTCs, therapeutic alternatives) and alternative channel delivery (mail order and retail chains). These shifts generate significant savings for you and your members/employees, while enhancing health outcomes.