PBM pricing is constantly evolving. Through our market check analysis, PSG compares your current pricing against our warehouse of industry benchmarks to ensure market competitiveness with the PBM marketplace. Through our proprietary process, we gauge the effectiveness of the PBM’s program and identify opportunities to improve contractual terms (financial and operational) to drive optimal results and enhanced health outcomes.

How Do You Compare?

PSG provides you with a market check report that includes benchmarks for PBM pricing by channel—traditional retail, retail 90, specialty, or mail. For each channel, we provide benchmark ranges by pricing component and pricing type (traditional or pass-through), including:

  • Brand and generic discounts
  • Dispensing fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Rebate levels

Our market check analysis includes price-point ranges projected into the next three years for each channel and pricing component. Additionally, we will complete a gross cost model to provide a total cost-competitive assessment of your current PBM pricing.


Best-in-class performance requires competitive pricing, optimal contract language, and a solid calculation methodology. PSG’s market check provides this to you. You receive a market opportunity analysis that compares the current contract to current market pricing. Having this information supports you in renewal negotiations with your current PBM to gain the most optimum pricing and support.