Once the right PBM is selected and a beneficial contract is in place, PSG will oversee the PBM’s implementation of the agreed-upon benefit design plan(s). The PSG team members overseeing a PBM implementation have real-life experience that includes working for PBMs in pricing, analytics, clinical programs, and customer service, as well as working for member/employer clients in plan management. Our skilled consultants apply the lessons learned they’ve in the varied aspects of pharmacy benefits to ensure the PBM efficiently implements the design plan(s) in accordance with the contract.


A key component of our Implementation Support services is coordination of all communications between the contracted PBM, you, and your members/employees, making sure that all stakeholders are well informed throughout the implementation process. We also work with you and PBM leadership to establish program performance guarantees and methods for measuring, evaluating, and reporting on the effectiveness of your program.


PSG removes the burden of navigating through the complexities of the pharmacy benefits program and helps you maximize the value of your program and improve health outcomes for your members/employees.