Drug Cost Monitoring



Artemetrx Specialty Monitor®

Specialty Monitor provides an ongoing, integrated view of drug benefit utilization across both the pharmacy and medical benefits to drive improved specialty drug cost management. Built upon the knowledge of industry leading specialty experts, this web-based tool includes reporting, benchmarking and clinical rules aimed at identifying the highest cost drivers of specialty spending. Users can filter data by multiple parameters such as drug class, provider or group level.  Additionally, users can quickly drill-down from every report to the member or provider level.

Throughout the software users will have access to the most recent market intelligence.  Features such as clinical rules monitor common drug misuse behaviors to highlight potential savings opportunities.  Benchmarking enables users to easily compare their performance against others and site of care dashboards provide visibility into spending by channel.

Artemetrx Specialty Drug Advisor™

PSG’s team of specialty drug experts will leverage your unique data to uncover suboptimal specialty drug utilization. Our data-savvy pharmacists work with clients, PBMs and health plans every day to identify drivers of specialty spend and trend and work diligently to resolve those issues on your behalf.

Some key areas that create exceptional value for our clients are:

  • Prior authorization audits: ensuring PBM and health plan criteria are optimized and accurately adhered to by the vendor
  • Formulary review: recommending the optimal specialty drug formulary to both maximize rebates and minimize unnecessary costs