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Our PBM auditing expertise provides plan sponsors with extensive pharmacy program monitoring, assurance of accurate program implementation, and comprehensive analysis of PBM contract adherence.
Full-scope and a la carte audit options are available to give you the flexibility to choose the appropriate bundle of audit services that meet your unique needs.


of audits resulted in client recoveries

audits conducted over the past two years


of pricing audits show the PBM to be underperforming against contract guarantees



Benefit Plan Design Audit

Review of claims to verify that benefits have been appropriately applied for the benefit designs and formularies offered under the plan.


Review of drug use patterns, claims and clinical management, including drug quantity limits, therapy duration limits, prior authorizations and step therapy protocols.


Review of claims to verify that the pricing protocols and financial guarantees applied by the PBM are compliant with the terms of the contract.

"We were able to realize 10:1 ROI on the targeted audits and reviews that PSG performed on our behalf."

- Shawn Barger (AvMed) in presenting with PSG at the 2017 PBMI Drug Benefit Conference

Implementation Audit

Pre-implementation audits and pricing implementation reviews ensure that plan design parameters are accurate and designed to accomplish the objectives set forth by the plan sponsor.

Rebate Audit

Determines with reason able assurance that the rebates paid to the client are compliant with manufacturer agreements.

Audits Leadership

Beth Zander

Vice President - Audit Services

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