Order Link empowers your pharmacy team to promote ongoing compliance and program optimization.

Built on PSG’s market-leading qualification engine, Order Link is a web-based 340B split-billing software that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology allowing full inventory visibility and fast, direct ordering from wholesalers.

When it comes to split-billing, you need a solution as unique as your business. That’s why PSG customizes our 340B split-billing software to meet the unique needs of your facility. PSG Order Link:

  • Delivers full visibility on both retail and 340B pricing for optimized purchasing
  • Allows full viewing of 340B qualification, accumulation, and purchasing history for easy investigation and verification
  • Creates replenishment orders, credit/re-bills and penny buy orders
  • Automates processing and reconciliation via EDI interface with wholesalers
  • Eases your technology infrastructure overhead

Increased Program Optimization
Order Link offers a user-friendly interface with various features and reporting to help you optimize program performance. Our 340B split-billing software enables you to have more control over prescriber lists, excluded drug lists and the ability to manually qualify claims.

Improved Compliance
Our proprietary 340B split-billing software precisely and accurately qualifies prescriptions based on your organization’s unique needs empowering you to maintain a compliant program. PSG’s advanced qualification engine is capable of applying unique rules specific to location, physician type, NDC and more so you are able to compliantly qualify more claims and optimize your overall program performance.

Quick and Easy Integration
Order Link integrates with your existing technology including wholesaler order systems, pharmacy practice management systems, electronic health records and accounting systems. Our fully integrated solution shifts the burden of inventory management to PSG, so covered entities can focus on pharmacy strategy and operations.

Your 340B Partner
PSG deploys our team of 340B and pharmacy operations experts to collaborate with you and determine what matters most to your organization, for example:

  • Consultative system design
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Complete end-user training

Are you ready to take your 340B program to the next level?
Learn more about the entire 340B Link suite of solutions by checking out our solution specific pages for retail contract pharmacy administration, specialty contract pharmacy administration and our patient card program or contact us today.