Specialty Link is your partner in optimizing your specialty contract pharmacy network.

Built on PSG’s market-leading qualification engine, Specialty Link optimizes your 340B specialty contract pharmacy network to simplify program management across your system and gain additional access to specialty drugs. Specialty Link offers the leading comprehensive specialty contract pharmacy network including payer-owned, national independent pharmacies as well as local and disease-specific pharmacies.

PSG’s 340B specialty contract pharmacy administration delivers:

  • Extensive network of specialty pharmacies
  • Seamless implementation
  • Access to limited distribution drugs for your patients
  • Advanced claims analysis to closely monitor and address scripts not replenished
  • Best-in-class auditing tools and reporting

Enhanced Program Optimization
Specialty Link will assist you in evaluating and monitoring the performance of your specialty contact pharmacies to enable you to have more control over prescriber lists, excluded drug lists and the ability to manually qualify claims. PSG’s fee structure is aligned with your program and setup per qualified claim in order to drive the best value of your 340B specialty contract pharmacies.

Consultative Approach
PSG is here to support our customers every step of the way. We start with a thorough evaluation to determine the optimal specialty pharmacies to be included in your network. From there, we proactively work with your pharmacy network to identify and address missed opportunities to maximize savings.

Improved Compliance
Our proprietary engine precisely and accurately qualifies prescriptions based on your organization’s unique needs empowering you to maintain a compliant program.

Dedicated Resources
PSG dedicates highly experienced resources to perform customized implementation of independent pharmacies to ensure network stability and consistent patient service.

Are you ready to take your 340B program to the next level?
Learn more about the entire 340B Link suite of solutions by checking out our solution specific pages for split-billing software, retail contract pharmacy administration, and our patient card program or contact us today.