Contract Pharmacy

PSG delivers superior implementation of contract pharmacy services. We have national contract relationships with chains using pre-approved contract templates to streamline the process. Read More

Split billing software

Split-Billing Software

When it comes to split-billing, you need a solution as unique as your business. That’s why PSG customizes split-billing solutions customized around your facility and needs. Read More


Uninsured Patient Programs

PSG helps covered entities extend total access to care for at-risk populations with real-time eligibility determination and enrollment at the point of care. Read More

Specialty Management

Specialty Management

PSG is here to support our customers every step of the way. We start with a thorough evaluation to determine the optimal specialty pharmacies to be included in your network. From there, we proactively work with your pharmacy network to identify and address missed opportunities to maximize savings.Read More

As a health system, you’re doing everything you can to improve the quality of care for patients. Oftentimes, that places additional administrative and compliance challenges on your organization. A prime example is the 340B Drug Pricing Program, which enables health care organizations that care for uninsured/underserved individuals to purchase prescription drugs at discounted prices. The cause is incredibly worthwhile, but the reality of what’s required of health systems to make such a program happen is infinitely complex.

Connect with the Experts

Policy rules, emerging requirements, inventory management, and billing can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced pharmacy director. However, you don’t have to do it alone. This is the time to connect with an expert.

At PSG, that’s why we’re here. We take what was previously an administrative quagmire and transform it into an all-too-rare opportunity-minimizing risk, while also saving valuable health care dollars. With our solutions, you can optimize your pharmacy programs and grow your mission of care.