Retail Contract Pharmacy

Built on PSG’s market-leading qualification engine, Network Link provides access to one of the largest 340B contract pharmacy networks to optimize your 340B program and ensure compliance across your health system. Read More

Split-Billing Software

When it comes to split-billing, you need a solution as unique as your business. That’s why PSG customizes our 340B split-billing software to meet the unique needs of your facility. Read More

Patient Card Program

Community Link is a 340B patient card program that allows you to offer qualified patients the ability to purchase medications from retail pharmacies at the 340B price. Read More

Specialty Contract Pharmacy

Specialty Link offers the leading comprehensive specialty contract pharmacy network including payer-owned, national independent pharmacies as well as local and disease-specific pharmacies. Read More

As a health system, you’re doing everything you can to improve the quality of care for patients. Oftentimes, that places additional administrative and compliance challenges on your organization. A prime example is the 340B Drug Pricing Program, which enables health care organizations that care for uninsured/underserved individuals to purchase prescription drugs at discounted prices. The cause is incredibly worthwhile, but the reality of what’s required of health systems to make such a program happen is infinitely complex.


That’s why PSG is reinventing the way you manage your 340B program.

PSG 340B Link is a comprehensive 340B solution with a proven record of delivering best-in-class support through reporting and expertise to assist our clients in optimizing both savings and compliance. Our proprietary engine precisely and accurately qualifies prescriptions based on your organization’s unique needs to empower you to maximize savings from all pharmacies – including mixed-use, owned-retail, contract retail and contract specialty.

From local hospitals to the largest health systems in the country, PSG has a proven record of delivering innovative 340B solutions with outstanding service and support.


Connect with the Experts

Policy rules, emerging requirements, inventory management, and billing can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced pharmacy director. However, you don’t have to do it alone. This is the time to connect with an expert.

At PSG, that’s why we’re here. We take what was previously an administrative quagmire and transform it into an all-too-rare opportunity-minimizing risk, while also saving valuable health care dollars. With our 340B solutions, you can optimize your pharmacy programs and grow your mission of care.


Are you ready to take your 340B program to the next level?

Learn more about 340B Link by checking out our solution specific pages for split-billing software, retail contract pharmacy administration, specialty contract pharmacy administration and our patient card program or contact us today!