Zach Fiedler

Vice President - Data Analytics Implementation

Zach Fiedler is on a mission to take whatever information he’s given and transform it into something full of profound insights, leading indicators, and innovative possibilities. As the Vice President of Analytics and Implementation at PSG, Zach leads data-driven projects across the organization. Although he wears many hats, his primary responsibilities include migrating client data, improving the quality of that data, and supporting a variety of complex ad-hoc analytics projects.

Zach’s skill may seem effortless, but it’s the product of rigorous study and extensive practice. After earning degrees in Mathematics and Economics from St. John’s University, Zach entered the PBM field and has never looked back. Zach joined PSG in 2016 as someone possessing both visionary ideas and a proven track record of making them a reality.

Zach’s leadership style reflects how he approaches data: organizing the constituent parts to optimize the final impact. With the aid of his experience, expertise, and input, PSG has become the exemplar of a data-driven organization – a vision he models for every client he serves.