Tracy Spencer

Senior Vice President and Practice Leader - Employer Groups, Labor, and Health Systems

Tracy’s mission is to develop and execute innovative pharmacy strategies for self-insured employers, allowing them to get back in the driver’s seat and retake control of their pharmacy plans. And who better to accomplish that ambitious task than someone with a demonstrated track record of engineering solutions that deliver significant financial savings, optimize service results, and innovate the industry in exciting ways?

Tracy began her career with a degree in Communications from Illinois State University. She then spent 14 years ascending through the ranks of CVS Health, where she led several large PBM teams and earned the President’s Club award for excellence three times. Her PBM experience proves invaluable in her current role leading the team responsible for Employer consulting. Since Tracy knows both sides – the PBM and the Employer – she’s uniquely skilled at striking a balance between both.

Tracy specializes in:

  • Experience working with Employer, Labor, Third-Party Administrator, Government Health Plans, Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Relationships in the C-Suite of Fortune 100 companies
  • Years of leadership at the helm of consulting teams carrying out complex, highly customized objectives
  • True commitment to revolutionize pharmacy for the better