Scott Carlson

Senior Financial Consultant

Scott is skilled in working with numbers, which makes him the perfect person to do the financials for clients’ contracts with pharmacy benefit managers. At PSG, Scott prepares the financial modeling for opportunities such as:

  • Requests for proposals
  • Market checks
  • Requests for inquiries
  • Contract renewals

He scrutinizes the language in contracts to determine the real value and makes sure clients understand the market conditions. Scott especially enjoys educating clients on the complex financial side of the business and how they can save money.

Scott first started working in health plans in 2007. He came to PSG in 2019. Scott spent 8 years on the PBM side at Express Scripts, honing his expertise in the internal operations of PBMs and how they approach contracts. Scott mostly worked with health plans, in addition to doing some work for government entities such as, the Department of Defense. During his time at Express Scripts, he ascended to the position of Director of Pricing and Financial Analysis. Now that Scott is on the other side of the table, he uses this valuable insider knowledge to benefit PSG’s clients and get them the best deal possible.

Scott has worked for the World Bank and Ameriprise Financial, and he lived in Dubai for 2 years. He attended American University in Washington, D.C., where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations with an emphasis on the Middle East. He also studied Arabic.