Ryan Sufka

Financial Consultant

Ryan focuses on evaluating data. In his job at PSG, he does financial modeling when clients choose new vendor contracts. Ryan does this by studying current data, running comparisons, and projecting yearly costs and possible savings for clients. He also looks at the rebates involved. He has done this work for PSG since 2019.

Ryan specializes in:

  • Coding
  • Technical analysis
  • Automation
  • Complex modeling for large sets of data

He has fostered a successful career in data and health care. For 8 years, Ryan was at UnitedHealth Group, working across the business to do cost analysis of prescription drugs. He helped assign tiers to different pharmaceuticals, determining the portion of the drug cost that the patient bears. Ryan collaborated with drug manufacturers to understand how they set prices and pharmacists to get their drug expertise. These discussions helped inform clinical guidelines at UnitedHealth and determine which drugs were best for patients. He also negotiated rebates on prescriptions.

During the national opioid crisis, Ryan did analysis on safety parameters for opioids, leading to the enacting of dosage limits. He also managed UnitedHealth’s college interns, finding it rewarding to teach them new skills.

He strives for efficiency. During his time at UnitedHealth, he made financial modeling a quicker process so less time would be spent on data formatting and more energy would be dedicated to the drugs.

Ryan graduated from Saint John’s University in Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting.