Rebekah Gregg

Chief Product Officer

When Rebekah Gregg began working at a hospice provider after college, she found more than a job—she found a calling. Ever since then, Rebekah’s passion for healthcare has guided her career path. Now she oversees PSG’s product organization for drug management solutions, evolving the company’s technology and consulting services to help health plans and employer groups manage drug costs.

As part of her extensive experience in marketing and technology for healthcare, Rebekah has led the development of software for electronic medical records and drug cost management. As a marketer, she has:

  • Implemented marketing strategies across all markets of healthcare: hospitals, health plans, pharmacies, employers, and physicians.
  • Applied her great expertise to meet the needs of these markets as it relates to healthcare innovation.

Previously, Rebekah served as PSG’s marketing director and later as vice president of marketing. She was responsible for product marketing, brand strategy, tradeshows, and lead generation.

Rebekah earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of North Texas.