Molly Breimhorst

Senior Vice President - Financial and Analytical Services

The devil is in the details, a fact Molly Breimhost knows better than most. As Senior Vice President of Financial and Analytics Services, she combines her expertise in all things data with a refined understanding of the PBM business gleaned from her time as Director of Finance at Express Scripts. Since she joined PSG in 2006, her work has saved clients billions. More than just an analyst, though, Molly represents a true industry insider – someone who understands the nuts and bolts of client needs as well as the clients themselves. Her expertise is so expansive, in fact, that Molly works across a wide spectrum of plan sponsors:

  • Health Plans
  • Employers
  • Labor Groups
  • Hospitals and Health Systems

As an in-demand speaker, known for her refreshing objectivity, and an innovator (she developed financial models still used by PSG today), Molly has much to be proud of. For her, though, individual accomplishment pale in comparison to her contributions to the organization and the industry. As an influencer inside and outside of PSG, Molly pushes everyone she encounters to set the bar higher and expect more from the industry. It’s no wonder clients needing new perspectives and actionable plans, even in the service of audacious objectives, seek out Molly Breimhorst by name.