Michael Lonergan, RPh


How many people started their career in pharmacy at the age of 14? Michael (Mike) Lonergan began working in his small-town drug store as a teenager, went on to earn a Pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas, and then spent more than 20 years distinguishing himself throughout the field. Michael now serves as the President of PSG, where he oversees the consulting arm of the firm – finding, mentoring, and supporting the core talent. He also leads the Artemetrx data and analytics platform, which he helped to commercialize when he first joined PSG. Before that, Michael spent over a decade working for OptumRx, where he held several senior leadership positions and developed a track record of high-impact successes.

Some of his proudest accomplishments include:

  • Helping a specialty pharmacy grow from $200 million to over $7 billion
  • Being appointed to Kansas State Board of Pharmacy
  • Earning the title of “Best New Pharmacist” early in his career
  • Fostering the careers of others while advancing the entire field of pharmacy

Owing to his ambitious background, Michael offers a rare perspective to each client served. He understands the pharmacy and business sides of the equation with equal levels of expertise. He also knows how to lead a team of consultants or analysts to overcome complicated obstacles while exceeding client expectations. For ideas, insights, and most important, solutions, some of the largest names in pharmacy turn to Mike Lonergan.