Libby Johnson

Chief Data Analytics Officer

Libby Johnson uses her degree in Mathematics and her refined understanding of data and analytics to turn client data into something valuable and insightful – whether by creating financial analysis plans, forecasting trends, or evaluating cost strategies. She’s known as an expert on the subject of integrated medical and pharmacy data, but that’s just one example of how she integrates her talents which include:

  • Equal expertise in technical and business matters
  • Loves working with people just as much as numbers
  • Excels at collaborating alongside executives or analysts
  • Knows how to write code or crack a one liner

Before coming to PSG, Libby worked in underwriting at Express Scripts and learned customer systems at McKesson. She joined PSG as the Senior Manager of Pricing and Analytics, and over the last decade has excelled in a half dozen different roles. As the Chief Data Analytics Officer, Libby uses the ample resources at her disposal to identify the smartest, data-backed approach in any situation. To her, every question has an answer, and every problem has a solution.