At PSG, our pharmacy intelligence and drug cost management expertise powers some of the industry’s most robust SaaS platforms. Since effective pharmacy programs can only manage what they can measure, we have invested significant resources into developing robust data warehousing, modeling, comparative analysis, and reporting technologies.

340B Administration

PSG’s 340B split-billing software alleviates the burden of 340B inventory management and delivers visibility for both retail and 340B pricing to optimize purchase. Our superior technology automates process and reconciliation via EDI interface with wholesalers and allows our clients to easily investigate and verify 340B purchasing history.

Drug Management Intelligence

PSG’s proprietary analytics platform powers drug management intelligence for PSG Consulting through several innovative applications, including:

Specialty Diagnostic™ provides an integrated, transparent view of spending across the pharmacy and medical benefits.

Specialty Monitor™ is Web-based portal offering ongoing monitoring of specialty drug spend with identified savings opportunities.

Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

PSG’s data analysis, PBM compliance review services, and reporting operate on internally developed software applications based in SQL. Our proprietary platform enables us to provide:

  • Independent Pricing Source Validation
  • Simplified, Actionable Pharmacy Program Reports
  • PBM Accountability
  • Benchmarking, Trending, and Forecasting Capabilities