Innovative Diabetes Management Tool Launched by Pharmaceutical Strategies Group

November 30, 2020

New opportunity to proactively manage the total cost of diabetes care with integrated data on the powerful Artemetrx technology platform

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG) announced the immediate availability of an innovative new tool that empowers health plans and employers to optimize management of the total cost of diabetes care within their populations.

Innovative diabetes management tool launched by Pharmaceutical Strategies Group provides a new opportunity to proactively manage the total cost of diabetes care with integrated data on the powerful Artemetrx technology platform. #diabetes #innovation #tech

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The Total Cost of Diabetes Care feature is built into PSG’s proprietary Artemetrx® platform, which provides an integrated view of medical and pharmacy costs.

“Diabetes is consistently the second most costly category for our clients,” said Michael Lonergan, RPh, President of PSG. “Last year, we identified $4.8 billion in actionable drug cost savings using Artemetrx because we leverage the value of integrated data and continue to enhance the platform. Seeing that diabetes is a pain point for clients inspired PSG to innovate in the diabetes space and build on our existing diabetes management capabilities with the release of this new tool.”

There are 34.2 million Americans with diabetes and 88 million with pre-diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The need to stay ahead of the curve in managing the total cost of care is imperative. PSG’s latest technological advancement empowers health plans and employers to:

  • Uncover highest cost patients with diabetes—both drug and non-drug medical costs
  • Identify at-risk patients, such as those who are going to the ER or hospitalized for diabetes
  • Segment total costs for a high-cost patient with diabetes to decipher between diabetes versus non-diabetes related costs
  • Provide independent analysis and validation of third-party diabetes management and wellness programs for clients

“This innovative functionality was the genesis for a complete modernization of our Artemetrx platform,” said Rebekah Gregg, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy. “PSG originally launched this Total Cost of Care feature to phenomenal success while focusing its functionality on specialty conditions. Our pharmacy analytics experts were quick to realize that there was incredible value in leveraging the richness of medical data for drug management of non-specialty conditions, especially diabetes.”

PSG recognizes that November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Appropriately, this month marks the launch of the Total Cost of Diabetes Care feature, which is now available.

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