Artemetrx recognized as one of the most promising data analytics solutions providers

May 15, 2017

Plano, TX – (May 25, 2017) – Artemetrx, a provider of advanced analytics and specialty drug cost management solutions, was named as one of the 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solutions Providers by CIOReview for 2017. Annually, CIOReview recognizes companies at the forefront of providing data analytics solutions and impacting the marketplace.

“We’ve invested significantly in the Artemetrx platform over the past few years in order to offer scalable solutions that deliver real financial value to our clients,” said Rishi Khullar, PSG Chief Product and Technology Officer. “It’s exciting to watch the fruition of that hard work and be recognized by the CIOReview as being at the forefront of data analytics solutions.”

Artemetrx is an integrated platform that transforms data into intelligence, driving improved management of drug spend and trend across both the pharmacy and medical benefits. Built on more
than 20 years of drug management expertise, the web-based platform provides users with reports, dashboards, and tools that take the guesswork out of uncovering drug therapy misuse and overspending. In 2016, Artemetrx identified close to $800 million in savings opportunities for its clients. Solutions offered on the Artemetrx platform include:

  • Specialty Monitor provides an ongoing, integrated view of drug benefit utilization across both the pharmacy and medical benefits via web-based software. Utilizing proprietary algorithms,
    Specialty Monitor identifies and quantifies potential savings opportunities resulting in improved cost management of high-cost specialty drugs.
  • Pharmacy Monitor is an interactive pharmacy benefit reporting suite providing an interactive view of the most critical performance indicators such as trend, top drugs, categories, pharmacies, and members by spend. Dynamic reporting can be filtered by drug, category or pharmacy with drill down to the member or claim level.
  • Specialty Diagnostic provides plan sponsors with a comprehensive report of specialty drug utilization across the pharmacy and medical benefit based on a multi-year review of claims data
    and identifies opportunities for savings.
  • Specialty Drug Advisor is PSG’s team of the foremost experts on specialty drug cost management, which works with payers and employers to develop cost management strategies
    that deliver exceptional financial results.
  • Population Health aggregates and transforms data across multiple healthcare domains to provide population health trends and in-depth member and provider healthcare profiles for the
    purpose of identifying gaps in care, quality of care, inappropriate use and fraud, waste and abuse opportunities.

“The Artemetrx platform brings an unparalleled value proposition to the market by creating true transparency into specialty spend and trend across benefits and delivering actionable insights,” said Michael Lonergan, RPh, Artemetrx President. “These capabilities put plan sponsors in a better position to manage their specialty drug spend while improving quality of care.”

The CIOReview of the 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solutions Providers for 2017 is available online here.


About Artemetrx
Artemetrx is the leading platform providing an integrated view of drug spending across the pharmacy and medical benefits and is a subsidiary of Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG), based in Plano, Texas. PSG, a pharmacy intelligence and technology company, provides cutting-edge drug cost management solutions. Drawing on 20+ years of best practices experience, PSG utilizes proprietary technology, data-enabled services and the industry’s most trusted advisors to unlock exceptional economic value for our clients, which include Fortune 500 employers, health plans, health systems and multi-employer groups. Through benefits management, intelligent data management and innovative technology, PSG saves its clients billions of dollars each year. For more information, please visit