Empowering you to do more and do it faster

No more waiting for custom reports.

No more pulling data from multiple sources. It’s there, at your fingertips, ready for you to take action. Recognize anomalies and opportunities before they become a million-dollar problem.


Five ways to find spend drivers and control cost


Identify drivers of medication spend and trend in the pharmacy and medical benefit

Artemetrx provides insights at your fingertips to manage spend and trend across pharmacy and medical. The dashboard provides a snapshot of how your pharmacy program is performing and where your opportunities are.


Uncover trends emerging as cost drivers

Quickly see the top categories driving costs. Extensive filters such as date range, benefit, or specialty drugs empower you to uncover the insights you need. Drill down to the drug level and review top drugs by channel or cost per claim.


Manage your pharmaceutical investment and support clinical strategies

Maximize the ROI of your investment with total cost of care analysis and a clinical rules engine powered by over 1,000 unique parameters to identify suboptimal utilization and waste.


Find optimization opportunities

There are multiple levers you can pull. From channel management to reimbursement management, understanding what’s most affordable is a click away.


Manage outliers and optimize the use of pharmaceuticals

Easily manage current and emerging high cost members. You can evaluate high-cost members by drug, by category, or newly diagnosed members to see what you’ll need to manage tomorrow, today.


Predictive analytics identify emerging fraud schemes and outlier prescribers and pharmacies, so you can stop a problem before it becomes a problem.

Measure   |   Manage   |   Move the needle

Provide more value to your organization and members with the 3 Ms


Move the needle


Measure the performance of your pharmacy program and quickly turn mountains of data into meaningful insights.

Manage the impact of change with clarity and transparency.

Move the needle in a positive direction for spend, trend, and member outcomes.

Don’t wait. Rev up your ability to compete and move the needle with integrated insights. Immediately and continuously know your most significant drug management opportunities, effortlessly package your insights with compelling visuals so you can present to stakeholders in seconds.

Provide more value to your organization and members today

Discover how Artemetrx transforms billions of claims records into actionable drug management insights for over 22 million integrated lives. 

You will see guaranteed savings. It’s risk-free to deploy. Schedule a demo today and see how Artemetrx can empower you to do more, faster.

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