How to apply a championship mentality to critical pharmacy priorities

Ashley Moyer
April 13, 2022


Negotiating an innovative, best-in-class PBM agreement is akin to knocking it out of the park on draft night and free agency. It is critical, but you won’t win that championship if you don’t follow through with rigorous coaching and development. Optimized program performance is much the same. The time spent evaluating the program’s performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, implementing changes, and monitoring the impact determines whether a plan sponsor realizes the benefits of the well-negotiated PBM agreement.

Rarely does a benefits team have the market and clinical expertise, technology, and bandwidth that it takes to realize all available savings fully. This is why PSG Complete everything needed— people, technology, solutions— to serve as a trusted extension of the benefits team.



Program Optimization

The continual process of optimizing your program means regularly implementing recommendations as we move through this process.




1.    Plan
Diagnostic, strategic roadmap and report card maps the journey ahead


2.   Watch
Proprietary Artemetrx platform with rules-based engine continually surveils your drug spend, looking for anomalies


3.    Report
Monthly dashboard review highlights areas requiring urgent attention
Quarterly review addresses strategy and performance


4.   Audit
Full suite of audit solutions helps confirm performance to keep your program on track


5.   Validate
Annual market check shows how you’re performing against similar plans



Program management roadmap

Sophisticated plans require a deeper dive into the critical priorities by month. Strengthen your pharmacy benefit strategy with the month-by-month recap you need in your back pocket. It is available in the 2022 PSG Complete Playbook. Download this resource today: