340B Advocacy
Do you have a story to tell?

April 4, 2018

If you are a 340B covered entity (CE), you are aware of the seemingly sudden scrutiny the 340B program has fallen under.  Despite the program’s 25+ year track record of expanding patient access to healthcare services, some policymakers and interest groups want to scale back the 340B program or significantly reduce its benefits to safety-net hospitals and their communities. In 2017, we saw two legislative hearings focused on 340B and already in this Congress, we have seen two new pieces of legislation introduced to stop the program from expanding and significantly increase reporting requirements for covered entities.

There is a lot of spotlight on the program and how covered entities are using their program savings. That is why it is crucial for 340B CEs to bolster their 340B advocacy efforts in their communities and to their policymakers. One of the easiest ways for CEs to launch their 340B advocacy efforts is by developing an impact story. An impact story is a tool to help you describe your role as a safety net hospital and the impact the 340B program has on meeting your caregiving mission. Once an impact story is created, it can easily be shared within your organization, your community, and with your representatives in Washington DC.

Below are some tips to help you start crafting your story:

  1. Pull together the data points that help you tell that story. Some recommended data points you can consider using are:
    1. Your approximate annual 340B savings
    2. Your payer mix or DSH percentage
    3. Amount spent annually on drugs
    4. Uncompensated care provided last year
    5. Distance from your hospital to the next closest safety-net hospital providing similar services.
  2. Your story does not have to be complicated. There is no need to make your story long or complex. Some of the best impact stories are concise and highlight the impact to one patient.
  3. Focus on the community impact fueled by your 340B program. Policymakers are interested in knowing how your 340B savings are being used and particularly that they are helping low-income and rural populations.
  4. Be transparent and emphasize your commitment to compliance. Use your data and story to show why you are the good guys.

Your advocacy matters. Without it, your 340B program and your patients are at risk.

340B Health, an advocate, and resource for 340B hospitals and their clinicians have developed an impact profile resource to help you get started with your advocacy efforts. Download it here.