2018 340B Coalition Summer Conference Key Takeaways

August 31, 2018

PSG participated in another 340B Coalition Summer Conference back in July. This summer’s 340B Coalition Conference brought about a wealth of new information surrounding the program’s current, future, and legislative states. A few things are clear, the landscape of our country’s health system is shifting and reform for the 340B program is likely on the way. Below are the 3 key takeaways we gained from the conference:

  1. Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, affirmed that the Trump Administration will act on its promises to reform the 340B program.
    Secretary Azar was a keynote speaker at the conference and made it very clear the Administration is not backing down from the pressure they are putting on the 340B program and the efforts towards program reform. However, Azar added, those who are being good stewards of the program have nothing to fear from the expected reform.
  2. Capitol Hill is looking at the 340B program through a microscope and they are taking action.
    The legislative update pointed out that in all of 2017 there were three bills introduced addressing the 340B program, but in 2018 there have already been seven new bills introduced and eight bills that are currently in draft form. Congress is taking steps toward understanding and reforming the 340B program.
  3. 340B advocacy is critical to program preservation.
    With the sizable growth and an Administration with a key campaign promise to lower drug costs, a spotlight has fallen on the program. Members of Congress don’t always consider or know about the day-to-day work that hospitals and centers are doing to care for patients. That is why 340B advocacy is critical for program preservation.


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